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Amendment B

Amendment C

Proposition EE

Proposition 113

Proposition 114

Proposition 118


Amendment 76

Proposition 115

Proposition 116

Proposition 117


Amendment B, also known as the “Gallagher Amendment” repeal, is a bipartisan approach to removing a financial restraint holding back our state. The Gallagher Amendment locks in a 55% to 45% split on residential and commercial property tax rates, working in tandem with Amendment 23 and the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights to starve public schools and municipalities of necessary funds. I support Amendment B to freeze property tax rates at their current levels and prevent a nearly $500 million loss to schools, fire departments, hospitals and many critical public investments. Now is the time we need to lift up our public services to support our communities, and Colorado just can’t afford to lose these dollars now.


Amendment C gives charitable bingo and raffle organization more operational flexibility.


Vote NO on Amendment 76. There is already a requirement of citizenship to vote in Colorado elections, making this measure’s goals redundant under Colorado law. The passage of this measure could put in jeopardy a recently passed Colorado law designed to allow 17-year-olds who are turning 18 before the election from participating in primary elections. Finally, this bill is pushing an anti-immigrant sentiment which puts in danger our immigrant populations -- with immigrant families in the Denver area being targeted with hate crimes, it is essential to stand up against the xenophobia and hate embedded in this proposal.


Proposition EE asks voters to increase taxes on nicotine products and directs the revenue toward early childhood education, rural schools, and housing development. Evidence shows that closing the loophole which allows vaping products to avoid taxation will have a significant effect in reducing our high levels of teen-vaping and improving health outcomes across the state.


Vote YES on Proposition 113! In my first session as a legislator, I sponsored SB19-042, which Gov. Polis signed into law, to join Colorado into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). Vote YES on Proposition 113 to affirm Colorado joining the agreement to pledge Colorado’s 9 votes in the Electoral College to the winner of the National Popular Vote. I believe in the simple proposition that the person with the most votes should become President -- this ensures that every vote counts equally, no matter where you live. You can learn more at


Vote YES on Proposition 114. Grey wolves are a critical part of the ecosystem here along the Rocky Mountains, but they’ve been a federally endangered species since 1978. I empathize with rural folks concerned about risks to cattle and other farm animals, but I am confident the Parks and Wildlife commission will administer the reintroduction in a fair, sustainable, and ultimately beneficial manner.


Vote NO. Proposition 115 forces a woman to continue a pregnancy with no exceptions for risks to her health, a lethal fetal diagnosis, or even in cases of rape. Abortion later in pregnancy is a serious, rare medical procedure representing about 1% of all abortion in the United States. This one-size-fits-all mandate ignores the uniqueness of each situation and allows politics to dictate personal health decisions that should be left to women and their doctors. For more information visit


Vote NO. Proposition 116 is an attempt by special interests to give tax breaks to millionaires and big corporations. While the proposal promises to help everyone, big businesses and the wealthy will receive almost three quarters of the benefits. With Colorado’s budget already devastated by a $3 billion dollar cut to schools, roads, hospitals and other critical services, additional cuts will be catastrophic to the basic functions of government -- teachers, home care workers, firefighters, doctors and nurses will be forced to deal with numerous crises with fewer resources in the midst of a pandemic. For more information visit


Vote NO. Proposition 117 will jeopardize funding for essential programs in Colorado. Unemployment insurance, our Parks & Wildlife department, the program that saved rural hospitals, and even college savings accounts are all state-owned enterprises. Enterprises are one of the few tools we have to maintain important state services, and this measure will make it much more difficult to address the crises we are facing now and in the future. Voting "no" still allows you to continue voting on taxes, but we can make sure big businesses can still be held accountable and have to pay for their own emissions violations and chemical waste or oil spills. For more information visit


Vote Yes on Proposition 118. People shouldn’t have to choose between their families and their jobs, but right now 80% of Coloradans don’t have access to paid family and medical leave. Colorado workers should be able to have a baby or care for a sick family member without losing their paycheck or their job. This program is good for families, and it’s good for business too. Visit for more information. 

2020 Colorado Statewide Ballot Guide

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